Mantz Thriving Under Pressure As Pitcher and Hitter

Hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things to do in sports. Pitching is one of the hardest things to do in sports. Doing both at the same time? Very few can do that successfully. However, UMSL product Logan Mantz has found success both at the plate and the dish this season for the Hoots. 

Coming to the team listed as a two-way player, Mantz knew he could be relied upon to eat some innings. With the high amount of infielders on the roster at certain points this season, the innings responsibility has only grown. Mantz has taken the challenge head-on, and found success. 

“I knew that the pitching was going to be there [for me],” said Mantz. “I knew it would be a factor later in the season because I know pitchers come and go.”

While Mantz has had one start, his other six appearances have come out of the bullpen. Coming out of the bullpen usually means coming into the game in high-leverage, pressure-filled situations. Most people succumb to that kind of pressure or get defeated by it, but not Logan Mantz. 

“When I come out of the bullpen, most of the time I’m coming into pressure situations,” said Mantz. “I do pretty well under pressure when it comes to pitching with my command.”

When Mantz was asked to elaborate on his mindset when under pressure, he said all he tries to do is his job. 

“When I come in from the bullpen I think, ‘I gotta do my job,’” said Mantz. “Just have to do my job to control the strike zone.”

That ability to thrive under pressure is a skill Mantz hopes to keep with him as he continues his collegiate career at UMSL next season. Along with his skills at the plate, he says he will likely get some innings on the mound as well. 

Before that happens, however, his goal is to help the Hoots to secure the second playoff spot in the Prairie Land Division. 

“I think we can [make the playoffs],” said Mantz. “I think we still have enough guys on the team that are power hungry and get that playoff spot to play in the middle of August.”

Mantz also wanted to share that he has greatly enjoyed playing for the Hoots and the level of competition he’s played against. 

“This has been a great experience coming off of what I did last year,” said Mantz. “This is a lot more of a competition for me, I love playing for the Hoots and it’s a great environment.”

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