Hoots vs clydesdales hootenanny!

Clydesdales and Hoots combine to create a new "baseball" event!




June 23, 2024 @ 6:35 P.M.

We had so much fun playing against the St. Louis Clydesdales last year, we thought that it was time to let the FANS choose the rules. This year's Clydesdales vs. Hoots will be a HOOTENANNY with an added twist. You choose the rules.

You read that right. Fans will be able to submit rules that they want to see in baseball.

Do you want 3 on 3 overtime? Multiple players on a base? Whatever you think would make for a fun and entertaining game, let us know! We'll compile the 9 best rules and publish them in April as the OFFICIAL HOOTENANNY rules!

General Admission tickets are $9 and a portion of all tickets sold will benefit the St. Louis Clydesdales First Responder Baseball Team.

To join the priority list, fill out the form below. Last year, this event SOLD OUT, so don't wait.

Below the priority list is the Hootenanny Rules Submission Form. Let us know what rules you want to see in the game!